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Just how brave are you?

In the course of our working month, we deal with a lot of different clients in the briefing process.

The briefing process is a necessary stage for us, as your design agency, to understand what you’re trying to achieve so that we can craft the best solution to achieve the best result.

As part of that process we’ll ask you questions, not just the basic Who, What, Where, When but the deep searching questions that really get to the ‘big idea’. One of the questions we’ll ask is ‘How brave are you?’ Now you could be reading this thinking ‘what on earth has that got to with the price of chips?’ We ask that question because it’s very important to us (and to you hopefully!) to provide a creative solution that gets real results. The answers we receive are varied, depending on the person we’re dealing with and the culture of the organisation. Many clients like to be seen as brave and will want something that turns the status quo on its head but the reality is often quite different.

As a design agency it’s our responsibility to push creative boundaries and we’ll often come up with 3 or more creative concepts depending on the project that range from ‘safe’ to ‘more exciting’ and ‘wow!’.

When we present the concepts, the client who has briefed us will love the most off the wall option and their response is immediate. But once it goes round the exec team or the marketing team for ‘feedback’, nine times out of ten I can bet a tenner that the creative will be watered down and tamed.

Our observations are that probably only 1 in 10 clients are brave enough to go with the most off the wall concept.

And this is a real shame, because with a watered down concept comes watered down results and therefore the money spent has not been maximised.

So come on people, be brave, take the leap and get much better results for your project!