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How Branding Can Help You Demonstrate Your Social Impact


Having a strong ethos behind any brand is important, but it’s not always demonstrated clearly. It’s common for social housing organisations to grow and change through mergers and acquisitions, and sometimes that means their social purpose can become diluted and hidden. Here are three ways in which you can bring it back to the surface.

Social impact branding

Social impact branding is used to grow the relationship between your brand and your customers. By gaining a reputation for doing good in your community, or bringing awareness to your main values, your brand can gain customers and increase loyalty among your existing audience.

Your brand is more than the logo

No matter how much positivity you push out, your brand isn’t what you say you are; it’s what other people say about you. It’s important to remember that what your customers say will be more trustworthy than anything you put out. Consider making your customers brand ambassadors, and get them on board. Customer reviews and recommendations are useful when demonstrating your social impact because it’s straight from the community you’re trying to help and instantly trustworthy.

Keep it simple

Keep things simple. While the housing sector is the champion of acronyms, it’s easy to forget that not everyone understands them. It’s better to keep your messaging clear and simple and in terms that people can understand. If you’re going to use an acronym, make sure it’s listed on the page! Also, lose the buzzwords and be true to your brand and your purpose. Right now, every housing association is currently obsessed with the word thrive, set your brand apart by being different; try blooming, developing, flourishing, and prospering.

Picture proof

Candid photos are far better than any forced and posed pictures. If you have an event with real customers, let them know there will be photographs being taken. Use these shots to present a realistic view of you and your team. Candid, relaxed photos show potential customers a real flavour of your brand. A picture paints a thousand words and adds authenticity. Plus, it helps when customers speak louder than your own statements! And don’t forget those permission forms!

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