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Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Services New brand style

Branding inconsistency minimised by

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saving 100s of hours of comms team time


Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) had conducted a communications audit of all their corporate and campaign material and realised that their recognisable ‘swoosh’ across the bottom of all comms material interfered too much with the campaign or corporate message.

This was reinforced by feedback from various departments within the organisation confirming that the ‘swoosh’ was restrictive and also by design agencies who confirmed the same.

The ‘swoosh’ also appeared differently on different sizes of materials giving consistency issues.


The solution

Our goal was to evolve and modernise the SFRS logo and create a streamlined and more effective brand identity that didn’t interfere with the message SFRS wanted to communicate.

We reviewed all the potential communications and campaign materials to pinpoint how we could create a more streamlined and consistent use of the ‘swoosh’ whilst ensuring that the brand identity was not completely reinvented and therefore alienate all the work they had done previously.

It was also important to create something that did not interfere with the message.

In addition, we identified that the current logo would benefit from being evolved and modernised and put forward a case for moving forward with this.

Once the new logo and brand identity had been approved, we created a comprehensive set of guidelines to define the use of the logo and the swoosh on all applications.



With a modernised logo, updated brand identity and a set of comprehensive guidelines, SFRS can now communicate in a consistent and modern way.

We work with Be Smart on a regular basis and they were our first choice for a project of this magnitude. It became apparent that we weren’t being consistent in the use of our brand identity as the ‘swoosh’ was too deep and interfered with our campaign and corporate messages.

The ‘swoosh’ also appeared differently on different sizes, again giving us a consistency issue. The Be Smart team also recommended an update to our logo which we were happy to move forward with in order to project our ethos of keeping people in Staffordshire safe.

Thanks to Be Smart, the whole process was pain-free and cost effective; we now have a full set of brand guidelines to use with all design suppliers. Consistency issues are now non-existent making the lives of the comms teams much easier! I’m very happy to recommend them for any large project like this where it’s so important to consider all bases in order to achieve a consistent message.

Matt Gannon
Communications Officer
Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service



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