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Stafford Borough Council
"Step Into" Campaign

0 %
sales increase in one year with the ‘Step Into’ Campaign


The ‘Get Out’ campaign was created as an initiative to encourage school children to get involved and get active with various activities held throughout Stafford Borough in the school holidays. There are in the region of 116 different activities delivered across 14 locations throughout the year.

The Solution

Be Smart suggested a complete revamp of both the name and the overall look and feel to improve the attendance figures and therefore the profitability of the initiative.

We suggested the name change as the existing name was a little too instructional and not very motivational.

After research, the suggestion was to change from ‘Get Out’ to ‘Step Into Summer/Winter’ to encourage higher levels of attendance.

On approval of the name, the new identity and the look and feel were created to appeal to a younger audience and delivered across posters, leaflets, web banners and social media graphics.

The Result

The campaign has been regarded as very successful as the following figures state:

unique web hits vs 3838 in the previous year
places sold – an increase of 30% on the previous year
0 %
of places sold vs 67% in the summer of the previous year
0 p
Marketing cost per sale vs £2.63 in the summer of the previous year

I worked with the Be Smart team to create a new brand and style for our ‘Get Out’ initiative which promotes activities for children in the school holidays.

They put forward a good case to change the name from ‘Get Out’ to ‘Step Into Summer/Half Term/Winter’. They then created a vibrant and fun brand and style to go with it.

Philippa and her team really stand in the shoes of your target audience and create something that really works. They just get it!

Since we rebranded, the places sold have gone up 30% and the income generated has gone up from 11k to £16 per annum. This is proportionate to the amount of marketing spend so I can say that Be Smart Design are excellent value for money, they never let me down on a deadline and they get results! What more could I ask for?

Joe Tromans
Communications Officer
Stafford Borough Council

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