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PlanetY Meat-free Branding




Brand Guidelines



Y International specialise in procuring, consolidating and despatching a wide range of British and European foodstuffs in addition to household and pet products to retail businesses and distributors across the world. They supply exclusively to Lulu Hypermakets in UAE and wanted to create and launch a new range of frozen plant-based meat alternatives and approached Be Smart to work with on this project.

As PlanetY was a completely new food brand, Be Smart worked from the ground up with a brand discovery session with key people on the project to uncover the value proposition, who they are, their reason for being, and what they stand for in the world alongside digging deep on their potential audience going into as much detail as possible. It was important to really go deep on this aspect of creating the brand in order to create the brand identity, messaging and tone of voice that would really appeal to their potential buyers. Once their brand in words was established, Be Smart created the logo, packaging, brand guidelines and website.

When PlanetY sent the artwork to their food manufacturer the response from them was that “it was the best range of packaging they had ever seen”.

From the very outset Philippa and the team at Be Smart understood exactly what was required in branding an FMCG grocery range for launch – where we are effectively based overseas, the amount of research in gaining a handle on our market place undertaken left us in no doubt that the right partner had been selected – throughout our journey and right up until the point of delivering the finished article the team demonstrated a great degree of patience & diligence in ensuring we achieved perfection.
Our confidence in, and our appreciation of their service is further underlined by the fact that we revisited Be Smart for the design and launch of a second range a year down the line, further supported by their designing a supporting website for the same.
In truth we could’ve selected a big name, big city designer – but are extremely happy that we chose Be Smart.

Nadeem Hashmi, Procurement Manager, Grocery



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