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Waggy Dog Stories: 7 Lessons From Our Office Dog That Will Improve Your Brand

Darcie the office dogMeet Darcie. Darcie is a black Labrador and she’ll lick you until you pass out! She’s a classic lab in that she needs exercise, lots of food, but will stay by your side no matter what. Darcie can be found in the office on most days and it was just recently we realised how much she emulates a great brand.

Actually, nearly all dogs do.

Even if you’re not a dog person and you prefer cats (someone has to) bear with us on this. If you have a brand (if you don’t – get one here), you’ll want to hear what Darcie has to share with you.

Side note: Darcie didn’t write this blog and therefore isn’t about to appear on Britain’s Got Talent as the first dog who can smash out 800 coherent words on a keyword!


1.   Be loud

Be more “Woof Woof”. When Darcie wants something, she’ll let you know, but not always with her bark. Dogs get noticed by barking but they also have an uncanny knack of being there right in the middle of the kitchen when you’re ready to cook.

Your brand needs to learn from this. You need to be noticed, you need to be timely, and you always need to be ready to receive the business. Be it scraps from a plate or that next contract, your brand plays an important part in not being forgotten.

Oh, and unlike Darcy, make sure your bite is as effective as your bark!


2.   Be faithful

This is doggy 101. Faithfulness is a dog’s secret weapon and when you chose a dog, you might have done so for this quality. When it comes to your brand, being faithful is incredibly important too….

Far too many brands are not faithful to those core values, beliefs and visions that were set-out when the brand was created. They weren’t created just for the pitch or to sit on a pretty document. You need to stay faithful to those values with all the marketing and outreach that you do!


3.   Choose the right breed

Darcie is a Labrador and although we love her, labs aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. (We bet those people make other bad choices too!) Some prefer smaller dogs, some need more of a working dog, some need sensory dogs, and some have ‘dogs with jobs’ like assistance dogs or dogs for the hard of hearing.

Different breeds give different results and so does a brand.

If you want an agency to roll over and let you have it your way, then don’t choose us – we’re rather focused on the best result (just like Darcie is on that leftover lunchtime snack!).

Choose your brand and your branding agency wisely. Get the wrong breed and you’ll struggle to be compatible, and could fail.


4.   Show your enthusiasm

Darcie loves it when we come back into the office… even if we only went downstairs to the car! Most dogs are like this – full of enthusiasm and full of energy about you! Make your customers feel that special. Show you care, show that you’re listening, and that you appreciate them.

Did you know it costs nearly five times as much to convert new business? Wag your tail at your current customers instead!


5.   Be consistent

Dogs are simple creatures and despite their intelligence, they’re pretty predictable. If your dog loves chasing for sticks then it matters not whether it’s a sunny Sunday or a rainy Wednesday, it’ll want to play stick. Darcie has her favourite foods and your clients will have their special requests and dislikes too.

When you win a client or customer it’s usually because of some value or behaviour that you or your brand displays. Don’t veer off course too much. Stay consistent and give them what they expect where you can. Sure, surprise them with the odd dead bird from the park to mix things up a little, but remain mostly what they bought into for the majority.


6.   Be inquisitive

And in contrast to above, don’t be afraid to try out new things, new avenues, and be proud with your brand and where it associates. Being inquisitive is a great characteristic of a dog and your brand can do this too.

Don’t fall into the time old problem of getting stale and not evolving. Look at your brand, look at the messages you’re putting out, and the materials you’re creating. Do they still serve you? Do you need to be more inquisitive and sniff out something new?


7.   Be Obedient. But Also, Don’t Be

OK, here’s a rule to take and not to take from a dog and it certainly applies to us in our work.

Being obedient is a great value to have when you’re a dog and also with your brand. A brand needs to front a business or company that will obey the brand message that’s set out. That’s not to say you should always give your customer exactly what they want, as you need to stay inquisitive. But for the most part, stay obedient.

Unless of course you’re taking on briefs from clients and then we say – question everything! Being obedient here could land you in trouble in the long run and we know this all too well.

We won’t take a brief, we’ll make it and that disobedience serves us well as we want the client to have the brand that their customers want, not the one that they think they need.


Sit! That’s a good dog….

Branding (good branding) is powerful and when you get it right you need to follow on from that with consistent and faithful following of those messages that made it great.

Bark loud, sniff around, and always be ready for that sale by being omnipresent… just like our Darcie!

Need help with your branding? Call us on the dog and bone or give us a “Woof!” here and we’ll be in touch.

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