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Design & marketing for social housing

We get you.

Through the tough bits.


We know working in comms is hard, we’ve done it for a long time and the last few years have been hard.

Your workload has exploded, you have to keep everyone up to date with the latest information and be expected to be beacons of sanity and a voice of truth in the midst of a pandemic. Not to mention that you’re totally exhausted by 9pm, you barely have bandwidth to think about what to do next, let alone think clearly about what the strategy looks like.

You’re being asked to deliver more and more and the resource doesn’t grow to match the need, and you’re still expected to ‘deliver the day job’ as well.

That’s where we come in.

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More than 90 businesses in the Midlands trust us with their brand every day

We understand

We understand the needs and the pressure that’s on you and your team and can easily slot in to take some of the pressure off you on projects. You’ll feel at ease that you have everything covered – we can hear the sigh of relief now!

We’ve worked in social housing for a long time

We’re masters at picking up the pieces and running with it. We’ve got a lot of first-hand experience delivering everything social housing from annual reports, corporate strategies and ESG reports through to colleague engagement, office and vehicle branding, newsletters and recruitment campaigns.

We've been doing it for 30+ years!

In nearly 30 years there isn’t anything we haven’t designed, but it’s so much more than design. It’s design with real substance, not just pretty pictures. That substance involves a combination of our experience, a high level of creativity and our ‘dig deep’ approach to help create the right brief.

Anna Lambert, Communications Manager at Halton Housing explains why she uses Be Smart Design.

Peace of mind with our
Smart 5 guarantee

If you’re looking for a new design agency, our Smart 5 guarantee is your peace of mind that your investment will be a wise choice.


1. On time and on budget

We recognise that if we don’t deliver on time and on budget this has the potential to cause you far more aggravation than mediocre creativity.

2. Sweetly challenging

We’ll always sweetly but constructively challenge your brief. Not just all guns blazing at the start!

3. Consistently high quality creative work

We guarantee consistent and high quality creative work. The word ‘consistent’ is important; there’ll be no dips in quality here!

4. Teamwork

We guarantee that we’ll not only work harmoniously with your marketing team but with other agencies of yours as part of a bigger team.

5. Brand and market understanding

We guarantee that we’ll always be looking to further our knowledge on your brand and your market to give you better results.

smart 5 guarantee midlands

Sanity check your next step with us by booking in now for a quick call.



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