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Staffordshire Fireworks Extravaganza
New brand style and event marketing

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Rotary Club of Stafford Castle are made up of volunteers who aim to serve their local community by active help, fund raising and contributing to local and international projects.

In previous years, this yearly bonfire event had been run by another local Rotary Club held at a large venue in the Stafford area. When the venue changed their future plans, Rotary Club Stafford Castle decided to take on the event and run it for Staffordshire people at a totally new venue.

Our challenge when we first worked on it in 2017 was to sell tickets to the event from a standing start in three months with no existing social media accounts.


The solution

We worked with Rotary Club of Stafford Castle to understand what the key objective was. It was important that as much money as possible was raised for local charities particularly because of the costs involved with putting on such an event.

We designed a fresh and inviting brand style that appealed to residents of Stafford and surrounding areas, particularly families. This involved the creation of the look and feel of posters, flyers, adverts and banners, showground map and social media graphics.

We set up the Facebook account and Eventbrite account to sell tickets and created Facebook ads and social media content for posting including competitions for free tickets and details on what would be happening at the event, how to get there, what to wear and FAQs. We also created groups of tickets on Eventbrite and organised online scanning of tickets at the gate to save time.


The result

In 5 years we have sold tickets worth £100,000. We kept testing and measuring with Facebook ads to ensure we were getting the best results, as well as regular ideas creation to keep the Facebook page fresh and dynamic.

We knew the quickest way to reach as large an audience as possible and make a massive impact was to use Facebook through an individual event page and Facebook ads.

The Rotary Club of Stafford Castle were presented with the opportunity of organising a Fireworks Extravanganza in aid of local charities. The club recognised the need to have an effective marketing strategy to enable us to engage with the public.

This was even more crucial as there was very little time to get the program up and running to inform the public of the event. It was clear to us that we would benefit from outside expertise and we approached Be Smart to see what they could provide. What they came up with was a combination of traditional marketing material like flyers and banners with an extensive and integrated social media campaign. With their help the show was a great success raising thousands of pounds for local charities. They guys at Be Smart Design were totally engaged in the entire process and we were and continue to be delighted with the results.’

Roger Goldman
Rotary Club Stafford Castle



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