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Grab our Autumn Newsletter, Smart Talk

It’s all gone conkers!

In our autumn newsletter we talk about a couple of recent projects for Staffordshire’s Firework Extravaganza and the new Awards identity for Staffordshire Fire and Rescue, together with a round up of top tips on internal communications for internal comms managers. We’ve even got naughty Darcie Dawg in the mix!

In our Top Tips on Internal Communications, we set down what we’ve learnt from 24 years of working with internal comms managers. This is a series, the first of which is in this issue. If you’d like a copy please email us here.

We still believe that printed newsletters have a big role to play in the world of marketing. Why? Simply because so many people are inundated with emails these days that to receive a well thought out and well designed newsletter in the post in a brightly coloured envelope achieves stand out for the company that send it. It’s a great way to keep your clients informed about what you have been up to as well giving them some useful information to help them in their jobs.

If you are not doing your own company newsletter then you’re missing a trick in both encouraging the loyalty of your existing clients and moving potential new clients from potential to existing. We offer a ‘done for you’ newsletter service where we will create the title of the newsletter, design the mast head, write the copy, artwork and print it for you! If you’re interested in talking to us more about this, please call James Sharman on 01902 797970.

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