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Don’t be afraid to show a bit of yourself in your marketing

It’s a well-known fact that a client, or a potential client, trust and loyalty can’t be bought, and it can’t happen through glitzy marketing—it’s something that you earn. Sure, marketing is great for sales, promotions, or product launches, but if you want someone to fully trust and believe in your brand then you’re going to need a deeper and more genuine connection.

This is why the smarter brands are starting to focus on authentic marketing.


What is authentic marketing?

Authentic marketing is where you stay true to your brand values and present yourself and your brand with sincerity and authenticity. It’s about making genuine connections with your audience and letting them see the real you.

You understand your target market, what they value, and why they seek you out as an authentic brand. You don’t invest in marketing gimmicks to entice consumers who aren’t in your target audience because you know it violates their trust, and in the long run, they won’t be interested. Being authentic involves establishing and maintaining trust.


Why is it important to be me in my marketing?

In a world of constant advertising, many people are craving authentic connections and interactions. When you see someone bold and daring enough to be themselves, it resonates, especially if they’re recognising and working on their flaws or drawbacks.

Gone are the days where you needed to look perfect and professional 100% of the time. Now, when putting yourself out there as a business person, people want to see the human side of you. Even marketing professionals agree that consumer loyalty is driven by emotional connection. People want to know and connect with you and the values you represent, and have little interest in hearing exclusively about your product, offering, or service.


The importance of core values

Part of being authentic means promoting your values and purpose. To do that successfully, you first need to identify what your business stands for and use it to guide your marketing efforts. Don’t believe us? Findings from an Ipsos study revealed that, across all 25 countries surveyed, an average 70% of respondents say they buy from brands they believe reflect their own principles and values.

If you’re struggling to pinpoint your values, tell the story of your business and do it in a genuine way. By identifying what drives the business, what motivates it, and what you stand for (such as being honest), you can then state your purpose.

Once you’ve become clear on your values, purpose, and story, find ways to spread the word. Look at your marketing channels and other assets, then use them to promote your brand’s ideals and narrative.

Don’t shy away from transparency

Being open and honest is the simplest form of authenticity. Insight into your company’s inner workings or the production of your products is a sure-fire way to boost trust in your brand, leading to increased sales and customer loyalty.

Ways of doing this could be through social posts, declaring when you made a mistake and how you fixed it. Or Linked In interactions of difficult scenarios and how you navigated them while asking others what they would have done. Transparency is simple, but really makes a difference.

Freedom to grow and change, like humans do

As people, we change, grow and develop new habits and interests. If you put yourself in your marketing, your marketing will stay fresh, and keep your brand interesting too. It’s not surprising that with change, some of your old audience might not stick around, but new audiences will find interest and your brand can continue to develop in the new direction. If you stay stagnant, your audience will get bored and fall away so don’t fear being yourself and growing your company.

Be smart, and be yourself in your marketing. Contact us today to help you build your authentic brand.

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