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Sales slowing down? Enquiries dropped off a cliff?
Marketing campaigns just not getting results?
Getting leads from the ‘wrong’ people?

Does any of this sound familiar?

This is going to lead to cashflow issues and sleepless nights. Add to that loss of market share and you’ll be wondering whether you will even be in existence by this time next year.

The VAT won’t get paid, PAYE will fall behind, there’ll be uncomfortable conversations with HMRC as they won’t wait forever and you’ll be getting what’s left if anything.

This seismic change in circumstances can cause relationship problems, divorce, sleepless nights and the risk of entering the rabbit hole of mental health issues.

If you’re feverishly checking your inbox every morning and there’s nothing there, that feeling of helplessness and desperation is horrendous.

I’ve seen this situation with so many companies who think their logo is a brand and if you think this then our discovery call isn’t for you.

Your brand is much more than just a logo, it’s your promise to your customers and your team members. It’s a set of expectations, relationships and memories that drive a customer’s decision to choose YOU over your competitors.

If your branding is forgettable, you’ll end up getting the wrong type of customers, the wrong type of business or even no business at all.

You’re investing time and effort in marketing to generate enquiries but you’re actually wasting time and money when they don’t convert because you don’t stand out.

There is an answer…

Book your FREE 20 minute discovery call with branding 'head honcho' Philippa Smart to see what we can do to supercharge your branding and sales.

Learn what the problem is from a branding expert and what you can do to solve it.

This is a FREE no-obligation call where I’ll explain for two minutes at the end how we can work together to solve your branding issues.

See if we’re the right fit to work with you on your branding.

More than 90 businesses in the Midlands trust us with their brand every day

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Lewis Wale, Marketing Manager of Tommies Childcare tells us what it was like to work with us on their rebrand.