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Be Smart – Is now the time for your brand to go quiet?

It’s early April 2020. The UK is in lockdown and many businesses have closed and opted to furlough their staff in a bid to survive. It really is an unprecedented time, and one that will be challenging for many. For the business world this will pose many questions and will bring focused attention to cash flow, bank balances, and those purse strings.

What you do now – the decisions you make – may well feel like make or break or a “go big or go home” situation. Looking over your business expenses may well give you an insight into areas you can cut down on and areas you can save on. It’s here you’ll find your brand and marketing budget is poked and prodded.

And it’s at this point many will make a very grave error…


“Those who stop marketing to save money are like those who stop a clock to save time.”

What a great quote that is. We’re certainly not the first to use it in a blog either. We found 52,000,000+ Google results with that phrase in. Wow, well done Henry Ford!

Ford was right though. Cutting your marketing and branding budgets now is crazy. It’s the last thing you should do.

Marketing and branding are the cornerstones of strong companies and organisations across the globe. Without them, they’d be far from the success that they are now.

Now is not the time to go quiet. Now is the time to re-evaluate your brand and turn up the volume on your marketing. Because now is the time when more people will be looking. And you have to also consider what your sales pipeline will look like in the future, too.


What does the future hold for your brand?

Let’s for one terrible moment consider that you cut and slash your marketing and branding budget. Let’s consider that.

You’ll no doubt be very aware that this feeds your sales funnel. But did you consider the incubation period in your funnel? Did you consider how long it takes for someone who’s newly aware of you to move down and through your sales funnel to a point where they’re interested enough to engage you in a sales conversation?

It’s not immediate, is it? Some of the sales and new enquiries you had before (and hopefully after) the lockdown were from January, December, November marketing and some even months or years before that.

If you stop now, what does the future hold? Not much. Leads and sales will dry up. That’s the last thing you need. What you need to do now is reconsider what you’re putting out the to the world, sure, but please don’t go quiet.


“It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life…”

We apologise for that song being in your head now, and for the rest of the day. But most of us have accepted that things will look different in the future.

With the lockdown, the shock, and the inevitable re-shuffle on the other side of this, you need to prepare for what you do now, and also prepare for what you will need to do in months to come.

This forced ‘break’ is actually a great time to ‘pivot’. This might involve changing some of your core values and key messaging, so you may need to re-work your offering. Times have changed and it’s the brands who are quickly adapting that will be noticed now, trusted later, and win over more hearts and minds in months to come.


Get fruity and sporty

If you’re a brand selling fruit smoothies right now, you’d be wise to change the chat from the usual morning commute, kids lunch boxes, life on the tube, etc. You may want to change it to… well… this!

Innocent have a well-deserved excellent reputation for their branding, tone of voice, and social media output. During the lockdown they’ve excelled themselves.

From topical tweets about phrases we’ve not heard before March 2020 to work from home challenges, they’ve nailed the “we get how you feel but it’s going to be OK” messages that they’re known for. They’re light-hearted without being flippant, and entertaining whilst being mindful of the current situation.

Sporting events have been hugely hit during the lockdown but instead of staying quiet and waiting for it to all blow over we’ve seen social media accounts from Leyton Orient setting up a FIFA 20 knockout tournament with fellow teams, to Southampton FC playing noughts and crosses on Twitter with their opposition.

PIVOT! It’s time to change it up.


Now is the time to be present, not persistent

We don’t for one minute suggest you need to double down on those regular sales messages and act like all this is a dream and not happening. No. We’re suggesting that you accept it, talk about it, and consider all the opportunities that your brand could use.

Just to be clear, this is NOT profiteering. We’re not advocating selling handwash at £20 per bottle! This is just re-engineering. This is looking with fresh eyes at your brand, marketing, social media and more, and considering how it fits in this new world.

It’s a great time to plan for the eventual ‘return to work’ vibe that we’ll see at some point this year – hopefully sooner than later.

Need help? We’d love to chat about your brand and your future plans.

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