USPWe’re currently going through a review of all of our current marketing as we’ve started to work with a new coach who is putting us through our paces.

One of the key areas we’re looking at is our Unique Selling Point (USP). A unique selling point is just that – it’s what makes you unique and helps your customers by saving them time when they are considering buying a product or service. It makes the decision easy for them.

Even though over the last 23 years we’ve created a few USPs, I’ve never been overly happy with them; I didn’t feel like we created something that was totally unique. It’s always seemed an uphill task to create stand out and even looking at the Top 100 Design Agencies by Design Week doesn’t give me loads of confidence that we can achieve it as there are not many noticeable USPs even present in that list!

This process has served to remind me also that I’ve come across many companies in my time that do not have a unique selling proposition, like really unique. So why is this? From my own experience of going through it, it takes a lot of time involving your team and deep thinking. Customer surveys, competitor analysis, looking at your industry, your marketplace and your specific niche. Time is what a lot of people don’t have much of but I realise now that for us it’s important to put the time into this but even more important to work hard to persuade clients that putting time into creating a USP is really important.

So from now on I will not let my clients talk me out of letting them skip the USP! It’s crucial for us to either work with them to create it or for them to create the USP and help us to create the best result we can do.

So watch this space on the new forthcoming USP…




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