High praise indeed – we create design that works…

When Alison Hughes, Senior Communications Officer from Staffordshire Police decided to comment on our work, how could we not publicise it?

“When Staffordshire Police needed to change its telephone number for people reporting non-emergencies it was important to convey a number of key messages around cost and local service as well as the number itself.

Smart Ideas produced a range of designs that could be used across various communication channels from which we selected two bold and contemporary pieces of artwork. These were developed so that they could be used as interchangeable graphics – one bold and stark and the other more personable featuring a ‘face’ of Staffordshire Police.

These were used across a number of printed materials including posters and leaflets explaining why a change to an 0300 number was necessary. The design also featured on our website, in newsletters and telephone directories and on external banners placed in key locations. The designs were also adapted for retention devices – fridge magnets and pen – to allow key stakeholders and vulnerable communities to keep our number close at hand.

Within two months the conversion rate had hit 50 per cent – half of all people phoning the force were able to call the right number immediately. This was an impressive result especially as some of calls would have come from outside the county and out of the immediate ‘reach’ of the campaign.

The single non-emergency number campaign was the beginning of a on-going relationship with Smart Ideas and subsequent requirements have been met by the same responsive and creative approach. They never fail to deliver a product that hits the mark!”