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We’ve been beavering away again – writing articles that we think will be of interest or use to you! Please do feel free to tell us if it isn’t 🙂

Issue 3 is the latest Smart Talk this year and has articles on SEO as well as the top 5 mistakes made in marketing … we’ve even given you a little giggle with the latest adventures of Dixie and Charlie, our resident doggie characters.

You can grab your latest copy here:  smart talk issue 3






smart talk issue 3

Has anyone here seen Charlie?

Hi there, I’m Dixie Dawg, the black Labrador and I work here at Smart Ideas Design; well I don’t work really, I lie there snoozing all day having had my morning walk only getting off my bed for the occasional apple core that is offered – any food is good food as far as I’m concerned – I am a Labrador after all! Oh I also get off my bed for a wee wee but as you can see below… I don’t always make it but that’s not my fault….

So getting back to the point in question, has anyone seen Charlie? He’s such a cheeky young snapper, he’s only 4 and he’s so naughty sometimes with lots of cheek. I have to keep him in order I can tell you! Here he is here on the right sharing my bed!!! I’m not happy I can tell you!

The peeps here at Smart Ideas thought it would be a really good idea to talk about mine and Charlies adventures, so they decided to capture it in a comic strip which has been launched in the February issue of Smart Talk.

Written by Dixie Dawg aged 10 3/4.

Roll up, roll up, get your newsletter here….

New for 2012 is ‘Smart Talk’, our newsletter which first hit the desks of our unsuspecting clients and clients-to-be in Valentine’s week! Not only did we feature a coupe of latest projects but some tips on how to make your design agency love you and some hot design facts.

Imagine our surprise when clients and prospective clients emailed us some lovely comments – it seems they all thought they were receiving a mystery Valentine’s card as it arrived in a large red A4 envelope.

Grab your copy here and tell us what you think – you may even want to have a go at the caption competition….