Why bother with branding?

First in the video series of what branding is all about and why anyone running a business should understand it.

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Revamp not revolution!

At last, we have revamped our website and by revamp we mean revamp and not a revolution – hey, we’re designers! And we like to shout that we are designers… so we’re constantly updating, revamping, adding new case studies on.

Tell us what you think? You can see the new site here.

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The relationship between branding and design

I love this image from Business Link which illustrates the relationship between branding and design.


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How times change!

Ferreting in the archives the other day we came across some old promo footage for Smart Ideas from 2001, and I have to say we did smile somewhat. We didn’t even hesitate about blogging about it – we found it really quite funny. My, how things have changed!

One of our clients who was in the office at the time we unearthed the footage asked me “how do you manage to look 10 years younger now than you did 10 years ago?“. I smiled sweetly and answered “it’s the joy of working with you that does it.” I hasten to add we have worked with him as long as Smart Ideas have been in existence and he is without doubt a lifelong friend.

However, I think we definitely need to do an updated version (although we haven’t used this one in years); looking back that promo video cost us around £1000 and today, due to the changes in software and smartphones it will cost us nothing. So please watch this space for a new updated version.

Whatever we put together will really reflect the characters and culture that has prevailed at Smart Ideas Design Limited for nearly 20 years; that of really getting to know the client in order to give them something that gets results and therefore a great Return on Investment.

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On Bank Holiday weekend I was visiting friends in Liverpool. On Saturday we visited the big shopping centre which is called Liverpool One.

Imagine my reaction when I came across the shop Everton Two, particularly when I realised the address of this shop is Everton Two, Liverpool One!


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