Birthday celebrations

In March, we will be celebrating our 18th birthday – thoughts have been flying around the studio as to how we could most creatively celebrate our existence after so long a time….

It was 1993 when we started in the front bedroom of Philippa Smart’s home. What have we seen change in that time ? Well one thing’s for sure Apple Macs have! They were in existence when we started and we still even have our treasured Apple Macintosh Colour Classic, the uber cute fore runner to the coloured IMACs… worth around £1000 now – it takes pride of place on in our ‘WOW’ cabinet and is still in mint condition.

Thoughts are still forming on how we can celebrate this year – although we think we’ll reserve the huge party until 2013 when we will be 20 years old.

So we’ll keep you posted on our ideas – I’m sure there will be some mad ones in there!