A creative, alternative approach for an ad campaign

It’s a breath of fresh air to see something promoted in a different way – this ad campaign sets itself apart from the normal ads promoting hotels that you see.

Corinthia Hotel London, a new luxury hotel which opened in April, has launched a press ad campaign. The campaign, made by WCRSandCo, uses 16 different print executions to highlight the unique elements of the hotel, which include the largest suite in London. The illustrations use a black background and vibrant colours to demonstrate facts such as that Corinthia Hotel and Renaissance master Michelangelo both used the same marble.

Thanks to Campaign Live.

Our new website…. at last!

2010 was an interesting year – besides being very busy, we decided a re-invention was in order as we were at that time 17 years old.

After much deliberation, soul searching and hot air, we arrived at a new vision, strategy and goals. As a vision we wanted to produce the kind of work that would create the reaction ‘WOW!’ when people see it. The kind of reaction we have when we look at Elmwood’s work… we have aspirations to be like them. The awards would be nice too!

In the last 18 years we have created an excellent reputation for results driven, solid creative work but we wanted more than this. We wanted to push the boundaries and explore not only the ‘WOW!’ work but how sustainably we could do it. This all comes from our own passions as a team to make a difference.

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So without further ado I’d like to announce the launch of our brand spanking new, wholly refreshed website. Comments are welcome from both a creative and useability point of view…. www.smartideas.co.uk