Kinds words from Hydesville Tower School

Hydesville Tower SchoolWe were really pleased recently when Sarah Archer, Marketing Manager of Hydesville Tower School in Walsall agreed to come into the Be Smart offices and tell us what she thought of our work. Not only that but she agreed to do it on video! Thanks Sarah!


Essential SEO Quick Check List

Smart Talk newsletter from Be Smart Design This is an article from our most recent newsletter, Smart Talk. If you’d like a copy grab one here.

Print this off, grab yourself a coffee and get all of these done at the weekend. Easy peasy, you can start ranking next week!

Page Titles
Make sure your page titles are unique, don’t repeat words and are relevant to your business.

Bad titles:
Roof tiles, floor tiles, wall tiles
Tiles, ceramic tiles, square tiles, red tiles, blue tiles, plastic tiles, wall treatments, concrete render, wall render

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